Accept No Imitation.

Since it burst onto the scene, Fireball has been a revelation. The world’s fastest growing spirit brand – and it’s easy to see why. Forged during one of the coldest Canadian winters on record by blending smooth Canadian whisky with sweet, spicy cinnamon, Fireball has blazed a trail of success across America before the flames leapt over to UK shores. Now it’s your turn.

Best served straight from the freezer as a shot, it delivers a taste like no other. Fireball is loud, uncompromising and relentless. And it’s coming for you.

The Story

Originating as a little known product in Canada, Fireball’s success has been unrivalled.  Named one of the most successful liquor brands in decades, sales have risen at a huge rate to cement it as America’s shot of choice – and now countries around the world are following suit.

We’ve grown through cultivating bartenders, word of mouth, and a relatively small marketing budget. The power is in the product, along with running kick-ass events. In 2015, we entered the Top 10 World Class spirit brands, and we are still growing at a rate faster than all other competitors.

The future really does belong to Fireball.